Imagine waving a magic wand to get

Increased productivity and engagement
Higher retention and lower absenteeism
Stronger safety and compliance


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Well, we don’t have a magic wand,
but we can help you get these benefits
and MORE with Coaching to Win!

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You can join a small group or learn one-on-one

Coaching to Win Book

Easy to read business fable that shows you why Coaching to Win works

Self Discovery

It really does start with you!

Coaching to Win Facilitator

Your facilitator remains your guide as long as you need

Virtual Learning Experience

Join a group or learn one-on-one

  • Eliminate travel costs with virtual learning
  • Minimize training costs
  • Get real time feedback on applied coaching skills
  • Maximum 10 people per group
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Engage entire leadership team

  • Provide leadership training that truly changes leadership behaviors
  • Most often ROI on training investment is seen within first six-weeks
  • Drive up retention and engagement
  • Can be delivered in classroom or virtually
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Not sure if Coaching to Win is right for you? Start with the book. It’s the story of Sam, a parts warehouse manager.  He hasn’t hit his order fulfillment numbers again, and his best guy just quit.  Sam has no idea how he’s going to make his numbers now that he’s down a guy – and not just any guy – his go-to guy.  Enter Reggie, Sam’s boss.  This can’t be good…

Coaching to Win is one of the most valuable and impactful books on management I’ve ever read.

Pierce’s approach to the story is brilliantly depicted in a quick and easy read with practical solutions that have actually worked.

Coaching to Win is definitely a keeper and especially for business and operations leaders under pressure to find a proven model for coaching and developing employees to improve results in the workplace.

Finally, a coaching book that provides me with the specific tools I need!

Coaching to Win provides a clear example on how effective coaching can have a significant impact on the performance of leaders, the direct reports of leaders, and in turn, the ROI on the business.

What are you waiting for?

There’s no obligation. No risk. Just the potential for a better night’s sleep.

Yes, folks have said they are sleeping better!

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