Coaching to Win

Leaders who lead through coaching enjoy increased productivity, engagement, retention, safety and compliance from their teams. They form a different relationship, one of mutual respect and a common goal to win.  Coaching to Win is a proven and pragmatic system for developing people and driving performance.  The 2010 Bersin by Deloitte research study shows that companies who embrace a coaching culture and provide their leaders with the training needed to be great coaches experience a 21 percent uptick in business results.

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Delivery Options

C2W can be delivered via classroom or virtual

Coaching to Win Book

C2W is told through a classic business fable.

Self Discovery

Discover your behavioral style and your natural coaching strengths.

C2W Facilitator

Receive just-in-time coaching and feedback from a C2W facilitator

Delivery Options

We offer different delivery methods for Coaching to Win.


Join a group or enjoy a 1:1 learning experience.
  • Eliminate travel costs with virtual learning
  • Minimize training costs
  • Maximize learning retention with real time feedback on applied coaching skills
  • Maximum 10 people per group
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Maximize your ROI with traditional classroom training.
  • Trained C2W facilitator leads each learning session
  • Blended learning approach: self-paced learning, web-based learning, classroom learning, just-in-time coaching
  • Receive real time feedback on applied coaching skills
  • Minimum 15 per people per class
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Not sure if Coaching to Win is right for you? Start with the book. It’s the story of Sam, a parts warehouse manager for a major car brand. Sam is initially reluctant to give up his old-school ideas of being the boss. However, once he starts using the tools he acquires in the Coaching to Win program, he discovers previously untapped talent in his people.

Coaching to Win is one of the most valuable and impactful books on management I’ve ever read.

Pierce’s approach to the story is brilliantly depicted in a quick and easy read with practical solutions that have actually worked.

Coaching to Win is definitely a keeper and especially for business and operations leaders under pressure to find a proven model for coaching and developing employees to improve results in the workplace.

Finally, a coaching book that provides me with the specific tools I need!

Coaching to Win provides a clear example on how effective coaching can have a significant impact on the performance of leaders, the direct reports of leaders, and in turn, the ROI on the business.

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