So, you have a GREAT idea. You know it will make a huge positive impact. Now you just need to get others on board. You go to your boss or buddy and you enthusiastically start sharing your idea. You bottom-line it, because everyone wants to get to the point, right? And it is SO obvious that this is the solution they’ve been waiting for. But they don’t get it.

Okay, maybe you need to dive a little deeper…give them more details. So you start talking, and talking, and trying to get them to see it. Pretty soon, they quit listening. You walk away frustrated. It is so clear to you. What don’t they get?

Maybe it’s not your idea, but your delivery!

Here’s an easy way to share your message so that others get it. They may still not agree, but at least you will know they have heard it all and will be able to make an informed decision.

To clearly communicate your ideas, think PURPOSE/PROCESS/PAYOFF or The 3 Ps.

Purpose:  What problem are you trying to solve?
Process:  How do you propose to solve it?
Payoff:  What’s in it for the company, your team, key stakeholders, etc.


This simple tool will help you get your thoughts in order BEFORE you try to pitch your idea. Remember, it’s harder to overcome an initial ‘no’ from a hastily pitched idea than it is to pitch it right the first time.

I use this approach when I am giving work direction to an employee, starting a new project with a client, focusing a new team, or helping an employee turn around a performance issue. In fact, anytime I’m trying to get my ideas across, this tool is my go-to. Why not make it yours?

For more information or to learn about other simple tools for effective leadership, give me a call or send me an email. And watch for more simple, pragmatic leadership effectiveness tools.